Teach a Class

  • Do you have a passion or hobby? We'd love to have you share your talent, skills and interests with our community.
    Shakopee Community Education strives to provide classes, programs and special events to people of all ages and abilities. Our goal is to provide a wide variety of opportunities to meet the ever-changing needs of our diverse community. Staff will work with you to determine appropriate program details such as days, times and locations; however, instructors are responsible for developing the course content. 
    Interested?  Please complete our Class Proposal Form.

    Winter/Spring catalog: (classes between Jan 1 & Apr 30): submit by Sept 1.
    Summer catalog (classes between May 1 & Aug 31): submit by Dec 1.
    Fall catalog (classes between Sep 1 & Dec 31): submit by Jun 1.

    *Later submissions may be accepted depending on complexity of class and date submitted. 

    For general questions regarding classes, call 952.496.5029.

    For Adult-related classes, contact Emily Starke at 952.496.5031.
    For Youth-related classes, contact Chris Younger at 952.496.5027.