Youth Driver's Education

  • COVID-19 Updates:

    We are using guidance from the MN Departments of Health & Education, along with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other appropriate agencies with masking, social distancing, use of gloves, cleaning, providing a safe program environment, social norms and health etiquette, health checks, etc. to govern our behind-the-wheel program.

    We are also receiving direction from our School District Buildings and Grounds and Nursing leadership groups in developing & maintaining best-practice safe learning environments daily.

    Youth Students/Families:

    *students must provide their own masks/face coverings.  No exceptions.  They must be worn by the student upon entering the BTW vehicle.  Preference is a cloth mask/face covering that can be reliably worn, removed, and handled easily.

    BTW Instructors:

    *BTW instructors will be provided an appropriate district purchased mask/face covering or will provide for their own.  The BTW instructor will wear their mask/face covering when the student is in the vehicle at all times.

    *BTW instructors will be provided an appropriate district purchased pair of gloves or will provide their own.  They must be worn by the BTW instructor when the student is in the vehicle at all times.

    Social Distancing

    *Other than sitting in the vehicle during the lesson with masking & gloves on; please keep the 6’ social distancing in place at all times.

    Masking & Gloves

    *See above


    *School District purchased cleaning supplies will be stored in the West Middle School readily accessible for BTW instructors to appropriately clean BTW vehicles after each lesson (door handles, steering wheel, dash boards, sun visors, seat adjustment mechanisms, seat belts, panel displays, and all appropriate surfaces).

    Health Screening

    *For both students & instructors; stay home when sick or ill.

    *It is the responsibility of both the student/family and BTW instructor to communicate with each other within 24 hours before each BTW lesson confirming the date, time and pick-up location of each lesson being held. 

    *It is also the responsibility of each to not have the lesson and communicate well if either party is ill = postpone the lesson and re-schedule.

    *Prescreen at home before doing the actual BTW lesson.  If your thermometer temperature is 100.4F and above, the BTW lesson cannot be held and must be re-scheduled.

    White Card Distribution

    *The MN Department of Public Safety white card will be given to the student upon successfully completing by the BTW instructor.

    Student Verification at the beginning of each BTW lesson session is required.  The student is responsible to visually show the proper paperwork to the BTW instructor at the beginning of their first BTW lesson that they have passed the written permit test with the State of Minnesota.  If the paperwork is not available to be shown to the BTW Instructor; the lesson cannot be held. 

    Thank you for your patience and understanding.  We request that you often visit our school district website for updates at  Click on Community Ed.  Click on Youth Driver’s Education.

    There you will find the youth driver’s education information.


    Joe Moran, Youth Drivers Education                                                                    

    Lisa Rahn, Director, BTW Coordinator 


    Learning to drive is an exciting experience.  Shakopee Community Education offers a safe and comprehensive program.  See the side menu for more information and forms needed for Driver's Education.
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