Counseling Department

The mission of the Shakopee Schools Counseling Program is to provide all students with a comprehensive school counseling program that encourages the highest level of student achievement through their growth in academic, college/career and personal/social domains. As school counselors, we’re here to help your child be successful in school, and we do so by supporting your child’s academic, social/ emotional and college/career development. To meet these needs, we teach lessons in your child’s classes, facilitate small groups and meet individually to provide brief, solution-focused counseling and interventions. We provide a safe, non-judgmental space to process various needs.

  Erin Richter
  Last Names (A - L)

  Amy Spaeth
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Services & Support

    Academic Development 
    • Grade checks
    • Individual plan and goal setting
    • Organization and time management skills
    • Study Skills
    • Academic resources
    • Registration and scheduling
    • Intervention planning

    Social/Emotional Development
    • Anxiety
    • Anger
    • Self-esteem/self-image
    • Sadness
    • Grief / loss
    • Stress management 
    • Peer and family relationships
    • Equity, identity and culture
    • Basic needs and resources
    • Individual safety

    College/Career Development

    • School-wide Connect to College & Career activities once a month in Advisory
    • Career exposure and exploration
    • College exposure and exploration
    • Post-secondary preparation
    • Resume building