Knowledge Bowl

  • KNOWLEDGE BOWL 2018-19

    Knowledge Bowl (KB) is an interdisciplinary academic competition (grades 6-8) that promotes academic achievement and rewards academic excellence. During a KB meet, teams of students work cooperatively to solve oral and written round questions. No team is eliminated during a meet and every team participates in every round. Questions are related to all areas of learning typical of middle grades and secondary educational programs.  Knowledge Bowl competitions test students' recall and problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills and teamwork skills.
    Meetings will take place at the West Middle School on Thursdays from 2:45-4:00PM in room #113.  The first meeting takes place Thursday, Nov. 8th, 2018.
    On dates that we have Meets, students will leave right after school and not return until evening as the Meets last several hours. Meet dates, times and locations will be posted once confirmed. Click here to visit the full Knowledge Bowl Website - KNOWLEDGE BOWL
    Ms. Liesel Bell-Fleming, a teacher from the EAST Middle School, is the Knowledge Bowl Supervisor/Instructor for both East and West this year.  She can be reached via email at: