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Students at SHS Get Involved in the Voting Process

NOVEMBER 5, 2018 -- Students at Shakopee High School involved in Youth in Government (YIG) and CIS (College in the Schools) Democracy learned first-hand about the election process by running their own mock election.


During 4th hour, students took time to review sample ballots and candidate information. Then, they were able to cast their vote in the mock election. “They can learn a lot and become more engaged in the workings of our government,” said Jody Stone, advisor and teacher at Shakopee High School. “Students are currently more socially aware than ever before, but getting them actively engaged is different than being aware.  Hopefully, students learn the power of the vote through mock elections.”


 YIG and CIS Democracy co-sponsored the event. It is the first year for the mock election.


“We hope that this mock election is actively engaging, models the importance of voting and will hopefully get students, teachers and parents talking about important issues,” said Stone.