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Principal Highlights Students in the #goodnewscalloftheday

MR. BELL NOVEMBER 8, 2018 -- Getting a call from the principal’s office is now a good thing at Sweeney Elementary. Principal Derek Bell started the “Good News Call of the Day” three years ago at his previous school after getting the idea from a colleague. For the last year, he’s brought the positivity to Sweeney.


Students are recognized for a positive behavior or action with a phone call home from Principal Bell. He posts a picture of the student along with their story on Twitter under the hashtag #goodnewscalloftheday.


“I’ve always tried to communicate with parents on a positive level rather than always having them hear from me when it’s something negative,” said Bell. “It is not only a highlight of their day, but it’s also a highlight of mine because of the feeling you get when parents speak about how proud and happy it makes them feel.”


Bell says his goal this year is to make 100 phone calls. You can follow Principal Bell and learn more about the great things happening at Sweeney on Twitter @derekbell20.