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High School Students Take the Lead on Vision and Hearing Screenings

SCREENING PICTURE MAY 17, 2019 -- Vision and hearing screenings are a very important part of helping our students be the best they can be. Students from Shakopee High School’s CAPS (Center for Advanced Professional Studies) program and Tokata Learning Center were recently trained to help our school nurses with the mass screenings this spring. Using the Minnesota Department of Health’s guidelines, students learned how to set-up and execute mass screenings at our elementary and middle schools.
“They learned that hearing and vision screening is the first step, and those that do not pass the screening are referred to a provider for evaluation,” said Judy Deweese, one of our licensed school nurses. “They learned the importance of school hearing and vision screening because it may impact the child's learning at school.  They got the experience of communicating and interacting with multi age of students.”

Hearing and vision screenings are done at our elementary and middle schools yearly.