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Rethinking Recess

Trike JUNE 3, 2019 -- Recess can be a student’s favorite part of the day because it’s unstructured time to play outside of the classroom. At Eagle Creek Elementary, there’s a new focus that gives kids options to encourage social and emotional growth.
“We wanted to make recess more fun and exciting for our students,” said Kim Neu, teacher at Eagle Creek Elementary. “We started looking at activities that would continue to let that time be unstructured but also to help gross motor skills and sensory needs.”
Recently, the school purchased new trikes, soccer nets and flags for football. They also created a recess cart that has other options for students such as books and fine motor skill games. In addition, they installed sand tables for those who like to dig. There’s also a new ground level balance beam for students who like to tumble.
“They think of this as fun, but there’s tons of skills they are building and learning while they are out there,” said Neu. “Inside the building we are meeting kids needs academically and outside the building we are trying to meet their needs social and emotionally."
It’s only been a few weeks since the new equipment debuted and the students are already having a great time!