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Baumbach Named MAFCS Teacher of the Year

AUGUST 13, 2019 -- Congratulations to Shakopee High School teacher Heather Baumbach. She has been awarded the MAFCS’s (Minnesota Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) 2020 Teacher of the Year.


Heather has been instrumental in the growth and curriculum development of the Shakopee Family and Consumer Science Department. She teaches three different levels of culinary classes and has partnered with Valleyfair and other businesses/chefs to help students develop their skills with professionals in the field.


"The nomination for MAFCS TOY was a huge surprise," said Baumbach. "I’m so honored to win the award and hope to proudly show the amazing work that all FACS teachers do in MN."


Heather will spend this year representing Minnesota in various capacities. She will also apply for AAFCS’s (American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences) National Teacher of the Year.