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Jackson Elementary Students Learn About Culture

JANUARY 15, 2020 - Fourth graders at Jackson Elementary had a chance to immerse themselves into their own culture and their classmate's culture. In social studies they have been learning about American history and more specifically a unit called the "Peopling of the United States," which talks about the ethnic groups that settled in the U.S. and have worked to make our country a better place. 

Jackson Elementary
As part of the unit, students were tasked with learning about their ancestors who immigrated to the U.S. For some students, it was easier to know how their family came to the U.S. because it was their grandparents, parents or themselves, that first came here. For others, they wondered how their family got here long ago. 

The students then interviewed their family and created an "Ancestor Doll." The project ended with a Cultural Food Fair where families brought a food from their culture for a special potluck.