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Central Family Center Programming Moving to Pearson Building

MARCH 10, 2020 - The Shakopee School Board approved moving all Central Family Center programming to the Pearson Building for the start of the 2020-21 school year. No decisions have been made about the future use of Central Family Center. Those talks will take place at a later date.


At the February 10 school board work session, Superintendent Redmond presented information on the costs associated with re-opening the Pearson Building as the new location for Central Family Center. This after the Community Facilities Task Force looked at facility usage in the district. The Task Force suggested the district possibly look into opening Pearson as the new location for Central Family Center, after determining the Current quantity of space at Central minimally meets the early childhood needs of the community.

The Task Force reported, given its age, Central Family Center is in good condition. However, it is not functionally well-suited for early childhood programming. An ideal facility would have: fewer levels/fewer stairs, larger classrooms, easier access to sinks and bathrooms, ample outdoor and green space, and more on-site parking.

The Task Force's report also found the following: Pearson does not need to be reserved for elementary space based on current enrollment projections for the next four years, Pearson should be considered for use by different programming, and that any future facility expenditures should be done in a fiscally responsible manner, consistent with the district's overall capital and maintenance budgets. As a result, the board asked district administration to analyze the costs associated with such a move.


Initial costs, which includes remodeling, moving, cleaning, technology, and plumbing, total up to $177,000. 

Click here to review a detailed breakdown of estimated costs, which includes costs incurred at Pearson during the 2018-19 school year, and future needs at Pearson. The board directed administration to bring a proposal for consideration to the February 22 board meeting.

At the February 24 school board meeting, Superintendent Redmond recommended that all programming for Central Family Center be relocated to Pearson for the start of the 2020-21 school year. Programming includes all student and family programming currently offered at CFC. The board heard the recommendation as a first reading.

The board approved the move at the March 9 meeting. As of now, no decisions have been made pertaining to the future use of Central Family Center. The district wants to make thoughtful decisions, said Superintendent Redmond. All options are on the table, and they will be explored to help the board make a decision.