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Board Brief: March 9, 2020

MARCH 24, 2020 - At the March 9, board meeting, Superintendent Mike Redmond provided information on the financial outlook for Shakopee Public Schools. 

"The Shakopee school district is providing great value for money," said Redmond. "I would invite anyone to use any form of financial analysis and I’m certain the finding will be that Shakopee Public Schools is providing high quality education services and spending less, often much less, than other suburban school districts when it comes to general fund/operational expenses."

Additional information can be found by visiting the following links: 
Background Information.pdf
Building the 2020-21 Preliminary (Adopted) Budget.pdf
FY 21-25 General Fund Forecast.pdf

The board encouraged the Shakopee schools community to reach out to them if they have any questions regarding the district's budget or financial outlook.



At the March 9 meeting, the Shakopee School Board approved moving all Central Family Center programming to the Pearson Building for the start of the 2020-21 school year. No decisions have been made about the future use of Central Family Center. Those talks will take place at a later date. Click here to read more about the decision.


Additional Approval Items | March 9 board meeting
Additionally, the board approved the following items (click on each item to learn more): 

Discussion Items | March 9 board meeting
The board received information on the following items (click on each item to learn more):