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Governor Tim Walz Stay at Home Order

March 25, 2020 - Since March 19, Shakopee Public Schools has been operating in a manner very close to the ‘stay at home’ order issued today by Governor Tim Walz. The essential mission of Shakopee Public Schools is to provide distance learning, districtwide food distribution, and care for the children of essential employees. There are also essential duties performed by our custodial staff keeping facilities safe and clean, and effectively continuing the core operations of our district (financial, technology, etc.). When an employee is working on site, there has to be a compelling reason connected to the essential mission and the essential core operations of the district, in alignment with the ‘stay at home’ directive of the Governor. 


The Minnesota Commissioner of Education, with the Governor’s support, has extended the distance learning, districtwide food distribution, and care for children of essential employees programs through April 30, 2020. The Commissioner also shared the current plan is for school personnel to return on site May 1 and May 4 to prepare for a return to regular school in the buildings. Of course, the plan to return to school is dependent on the nature of the crisis and is subject to change. 


I am incredibly proud and appreciative of the Shakopee Public Schools team, the people working in our school district, and how they are responding to meeting the needs of our community in these challenging times. I’m certain they will continue to meet these needs in a professional and compassionate manner for the duration of this crisis. Together, our community will meet the challenges we are facing with grace, dignity, and deep compassion for our neighbors.


With immense Saber Pride,

Mike Redmond, Superintendent


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