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Grading Modifications Overview

APRIL 30, 2020 - The following letter was shared with parents on April 30, 2020 about grading modifcations.




Shakopee Public Schools Parents/Guardians:


We hope this email finds you and your family well. As a reminder, there is no school for students on Friday, May 1 and on Monday, May 4. Distance learning will resume on Tuesday, May 5. We also wanted to share important information on the district’s grading modifications for Quarter 4, which are outlined below: 


Grading Modifications Overview

Distance learning continues to provide challenges to students, families and staff.  Schools across the country have been grappling with issues around grading.  We, too, have been working to balance our need to focus on learning with the social-emotional needs of our students.  As a result, our grading systems need to be modified to better manage grading and assessment during this unprecedented time for our students, families and staff.  Our primary goals are to:

  • Focus on the social-emotional needs of our students, families and staff as well as continued learning in this difficult time.
  • Avoid any unnecessary negative impact or inequities for students and families who may be struggling for a wide variety of reasons to consistently participate in a distance learning environment. 
  • Allow teacher teams flexibility to focus on critical standards, assignments and assessments that can be managed well in a distance learning environment. 


Early Childhood 

Central Family Center will not be grading students. Teachers will continue to instruct via distance learning and communicate progress with families.


Elementary (K-5)

Elementary students will receive a progress report centered around distance learning generated by their teacher, instead of a quarter 4 report card.


Middle School (6-8)

Middle school students will receive either a Pass (P) for a passing letter grade or a Needs Improvement (NI) for a failing grade.  Modified grading will be noted on student transcripts.  Students taking a High School course at the middle school will follow the grading system outlined below.   


High School (9-12)

High School students will receive letter grades with an option to request a Pass (P) for grades of D- or above at the end of the quarter.  Modified grading will be noted on student transcripts.   Students will receive an Incomplete (I) for a failing grade and be invited to participate in a summer program to complete missing work and assessments.   

Thank you,

Shakopee Public Schools District Office |


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