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South Site Fields Nearly Ready for Action

sprinkler JULY 23, 2020 -- The Shakopee Public Schools area located immediately southwest of the intersection of County Roads 78 and 79, currently referred to as the ‘south site’, is nearly ready to be used for playing fields for student and community activities. The irrigation system has been hard at work this summer and the grass continues to grow on the seven playing fields on this site. 


The work on the site itself is nearly complete. All the legal work and easements have been finished readying the site for the addition of a turn lane into the site off County Road 79 (Townline Road). Once the turn lane is constructed, the site will be ready for action. 


“The south site will serve the district for years to come,” said Mike Redmond, Superintendent. “We look forward to having our students and community enjoy the new space.” In the short term, this area will be used for playing fields. At some point in the future, more than five years from now according to the study conducted by a Community Facility Task Force this past year, the site may be used should population and enrollment growth necessitate the addition of another school building.