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National Merit Scholar Finalists Recognized by School Board

National Merit Scholars 2021

Congratulations to Ian Smith, Simran Rana, and Tharun Inturi, our National Merit Scholar Finalists that were recently recognized by the school board! This is not the first year that Shakopee High School students were recognized as National Merit Scholars in some capacity.


1.5 millions students enter the program each year. Only 15,000 of those students become finalists. Smith, Ranan and Inturi will now be eligible for scholarships through National Merit, corporate sponsors and college sponsors. Rana and Inturi are planning a career in medicine. Smith is planning a career in engineering. 


Each student shared their history and time in the district, most inspirational teachers and aspirations for the future during the March 22, 2021 school board meeting. Check out the recording here.