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Shakopee School Board Appoints Two Student Members - Aaditya Paranjape and Danielle Dake to Serve as Ex-Officio School Board Members

Issued May 17, 2022

Shakopee Public Schools is pleased to welcome Shakopee High School students Aaditya Paranjape, Class of 2024, and Danielle Dake, Class of 2023, as ex-officio members of the school board starting July 1, 2022. 

“I can’t say enough how impressed we were with all of the students who interviewed for the student school board positions,” shared Kristi Peterson, School Board Chair. “We have been missing the important voice of our students at the board table. I am extremely excited to collaborate with Aaditya and Danielle as the district continues to evolve.”

A resolution to establish student members of the school board as well as the formal appointment of Aaditya and Danielle was unanimously approved during the May 16, 2022 school board meeting. School Board member Judi Tomczik presented the action item while discussing the student interview process. Nine student applications were received and all were interviewed by members of the district and school board, including Superintendent Mike Redmond. Both Aaditya and Danielle expressed their desire to support students and the community as student school board members. 

“I really wanted to have a say in the community, and this is a great opportunity to improve my leadership and social skills,” shared Aaditya.

“I wanted to be able to serve and help my community, and give voice to all Shakopee students. It’s such an amazing opportunity,” noted Danielle.

A student member of the school board will be considered an ex officio member and serve in many of the same capacities as full board members; absent is the ability to vote on school board matters. Each student representative will be assigned a school board member to serve as a mentor. Student members will participate in the board training components offered by MSBA and have the ability to submit an item for possible addition to the board agenda.

As outlined in the resolution to establish student members of the school board, the appointment allowed for one student that will be a senior in high school starting in the 2022/23 school and the other a junior. A full term for the student members is two years. This term commences on July 1, 2022 and ends on June 30 following the conclusion of the student’s senior year.