Things to Know When Riding a School Bus

  • BUS STOP TIMES: Your child’s route will be assigned an approximate pick up and drop off time. This time may change. The first week times vary quite a bit, after the first two weeks things settle down into a routine. Be aware that weather, road construction, and traffic can alter times.

    LABEL: Use your student’s name tag for the first two weeks of school. Make sure it includes home and daycare information and bus letter on the back.

    ABSENT: If your student will not be riding the bus, we would appreciate a phone call at 952-445-1166. This is especially important if your child is the only student at the bus stop. Many bus routes become late because the driver is waiting for a student who is not at the bus stop on time.

    BUS STOP: Show your child where the bus stop is and how to walk home from the bus stop. Show them from all possible directions. Student’s often become confused when they approach a stop from a different direction.

    WRONG BUS: Teach your child to tell the bus driver if they believe they are on the wrong bus. Teach the student what to do if they get off at the wrong stop or if someone is not home when they arrive. Students should never attempt to walk to another area. Make sure your student knows they should walk directly home. We get many calls on missing children who simply stop to play at a neighbor’s house on their way home from the bus stop.

    RIDING ANOTHER BUS: Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus. NO FRIENDS RIDING WITH FRIENDS WILL BE ALLOWED. Your student will be sent back into the school office if they attempt to ride a bus other than their own.

    PARENTS RIDING THE BUS: Parents may not ride the school bus. Drivers are instructed not to let unauthorized adults on the bus. This is for the protection of all students.

    BUS BEHAVIOR CARD: Students receive bus cards when their behavior is unacceptable. The driver usually issues a card after several warnings.

    • First Card: talk with student and a letter is sent home to parent
    • Second Card: Three days off the bus
    • Third Card: Two weeks off the bus
    • Fourth Card: Off the bus for the rest of the school year

    ITEMS NOT ALLOWED ON THE BUS: Guns (real or toy), Knives/Swords (real or toy), Explosives, Animals/Insects (alive or dead), Large Projects, Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks, Sleds, Skates, Sleeping bags, Skateboards, Aerosol Cans (hair spray, cologne, perfume, breath spray), any object which could pose a hazard. Toys and show and tell items must remain in the students backpack at all times while on the bus. 

    If a student has 60 school days without a bus card they are back to a first card.