Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if my child is eligible for transportation?

    • Elementary students in grades K-5 who live .5 mile or more from their assigned school are eligible for transportation.
    • Middle School students in grades 6-8 who live 1 mile or more from their assigned school are eligible for transportation.
    • High School students in grade 9 who live 1 mile or more from their assigned school are eligible for transportation.
    • High School students in grades 10-12 who live 2 miles or more from their assigned school are eligible for transportation.

    How is the distance to school determined?
    The Transportation Department has a computerized mapping system that determines the distance to school for each student. If there is a question, a Transportation Staff member will measure the distance. The distance is calculated from the center of the street in front of the residence driveway to safest, most direct point that the student will enter the school's campus. The measurement does not include the resident's personal property, nor the schools property. 

    Distance to the bus stop

    • Students in grades K-5 may be required to walk up to .25 of a mile to their assigned bus stop.  
    • Students in grades 6-12 may be required to walk up to .50 of a mile to their assigned bus stop.

    My child(ren) is eligible for transportation, how do I get them on a bus?
    Once you have completed all of your enrollment paperwork the transportation office will contact you with your route information, bus number, and stop times.  This process can take up to five business days and your child is not eligible to be on the bus until they are assigned to a bus and route.

    My student needs to be picked up or dropped off at a daycare or secondary household. What do I do?
    You will need to fill out an Alternate Address Transportation Application electronically. Once the form is submitted, it usually takes 2-3 days before the change goes into effect, so please do not wait until the last minute. This form must be filled out each year as it does not carry over. For shared custody circumstances this form should be filled out by only one parent.

    Why won't the bus come into our cul-de-sac?
    Once again, there are several reasons for this:

    • Efficiency is paramount to our transportation system. Entering each cul-de-sac adds significant time to a route. Time the driver and students do not have.
    • Minimizing bus stops reduce costs for fuel as well as wear and tear on the buses.
    • Many cul-de-sacs are not designed for large vehicles. A full-sized bus needs at least 115 feet to safely turn and most cul-de-sacs are 90 feet wide.
    • Backing a school bus is a dangerous maneuver and not recommended by the Minnesota State Highway Patrol.
    • Many neighborhoods use the cul-de-sac as an extension of their yards. We do not want the driver to have to navigate parked cars, basketball hoops, boat trailers, and children's toys.

    What if I would like my student's bus stop changed?
    The Transportation Department is happy to consider your request, however, most bus stops are established for a reason and will not be changed. Very rarely will we consider house stops in suburban neighborhoods. It is not possible to provide bus stops that are within sight of all student homes or daycares. Most families that live even one house from the corner cannot see the corner bus stop without coming out of their homes. We encourage parents to be out at bus stops to promote proper pedestrian and bus stop behavior.

    Can my student ride home with his/her friend?
    Students are only allowed to ride their assigned bus. No friends riding with friends will be allowed. Your student will be sent back into the school office if they attempt to ride a bus other than their own.