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    GTT (PLTW): Invisible World of Technology 


    Invisible particles are running rampant through our world! You press the pedal, and the car goes; you flip the switch, and the light comes on; you hit the button, and the screen lights up. Have you thought about where you get your power from? How do tiny pieces of matter change the way we live? Electrons power our iPhones, air particles allow planes to fly from continent to continent, and greenhouse gases intensify natural disasters. Scientists and Engineers have developed ways to harness these particles to power our world. Join us in exploring the good, the bad, and the ugly impacts of these small-scale fragments.

  • Invisible World of Technology is a great class if you like
    Working on the computer 
    Working with your hands 
    Learning about a variety of technologies
    Creating projects that demonstrate the hidden science of everyday technology
    Applying math and science to real life problems