Short Term Absence (1-5 Days)

  • Short Term Absences (One to five Days)

    There are several reasons employees will experience absences.  If your absence is less than 5 days please follow the steps below.
    Sick, Personal, Bereavement, Emergency & Vacation 
    If your absence is for sick, personal, bereavement or vacation please log into AESOP and enter the dates and times you will be gone.  A notification will automatically be sent to your supervisor to review your time. 
    Unpaid Absence Process
    If you are going to be absent for an unpaid day (you must use all of your paid time off first) and you are required to request prior approval from your supervisor. If your supervisor approves the time please complete the Unpaid Time Off Request Form.  Unpaid days will be reviewed by Keith Gray the Director of Human Resources.  If your unpaid day is approved you will receive notification. Upon approval please log into AESOP and enter the dates you will be gone. 
    Absences the Last 10 Days of School 
    District policy requires all absences for the last 10 days of school be reviewed by the Superintendent.  If you are planning on being absent during the last 10 days of school please review your day off with your supervisor.  If your time off is approved by them please complete the attached Request Form.  Your request will be reviewed within five working days of submitted the form.  You will receive approval/denial notification via e-mail.
    If you have questions on absences please contact Cindy Gregory at 952-496-5014 | 
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