2020 Levy Information

  • On November 3, 2020, Shakopee Public Schools residents will be asked to vote on a school funding request for an operating levy to help the district:

    • Maintain quality programming and learning opportunities for students
    • Attract, retain, and fairly compensate high-quality teachers
    • Build a path to long-term financial stability

    If approved by voters, the operating levy would be phased-in over four years. Because of building debt that is being paid off, there would be no tax increase until 2022. And because the levy would be phased-in, future tax increases would be phased-in as well. 

    What is a levy?

    Shakopee Levy 2020

    Teachers, classroom supplies, custodians, food service staff, instructional materials, teaching assistants, bus drivers - these are the people and things needed to educate our 8,000 students. Operating levies provide funding for these critical school costs.

    A Shared Partnership

    To limit the levy request amount, the School Board also approved making a series of budget cuts, reinforcing the shored partnership between schools and communities. The levy request to the community is combined with $2 million in budget cuts that hove already been approved by the School Board, creating a fiscally responsible, conservative and balanced approach to addressing financial pressures.

    How is Shakopee different?

    Shakopee is the only one of comparable districts in our area without a voter-approved operating levy - which means we don't have the additional financial support that many communities provide to help operate their schools. Operating levies provide critical funding for critical school operating costs such as staff, instructional materials, classroom supplies, and utilities.



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    The operating levy request is in response to a number of financial pressures that will result in expenses exceeding revenue starting in the 2020-21 school year - challenging the District’s ability to maintain the quality education students deserve and the community expects. These pressures include state funding that has not kept pace with inflation, unfunded mandates and the lack of a voter-approved operating levy for additional local support.   



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    What if it fails?

    If voters do not approve the levy request, the School Board has already approved $5.4 million in budget cuts that would be necessary in 2021-22. These cuts would impact the entire district and would include: classroom teachers, class size increases, staff at all levels, academic support positions, 5th grade band and middle school athletics. This would be in addition to the $2 million in budget cuts over the next two school years that will occur even if the levy passes.  

    Questions? Email referendum@shakopee.k12.mn.us or call 952.697.8710.