• On April 26, 2021 the School Board, by a unanimous vote, adopted the following vision and priorities related to Equity & Inclusion:

    Equity needs to be a central part of the fabric of who we are and everything we do.

    Equity needs to be part of our vision and culture, and it needs to be a key component in making the thousands of choices and decisions we make every day.


    Equity is dealing fairly and equally with all concerned. Equitable is freedom from bias or favoritism.

    • A commitment to ensure that each and every Shakopee Public Schools student is “our” student and “my” student.
    • Measures of student learning performance become less predictable over time.
    • Each and every student feels welcome when entering our schools.

    Thoughts & Supporting Documents

    • Policy 102A.
    • Board equity and inclusion statement.
    • Need to focus on professional growth in a comprehensive manner, across the entire district.
    • The enrollment of our most challenging courses should be representative of the diversity in our student body.