American Indian Education

  • The American Indian Education Program supports all Title VII students in developing and achieving academic, cultural, social and personal goals. We provide access to available community resources and create opportunities that ensure all American Indian/Alaskan Native students have access to a high quality, standards ­based education that inspires learning, critical thinking, cultural awareness and self-esteem. 

    Our mission statement: To provide paths that foster character, cultural awareness and academic excellence in our American Indian students and to empower them to positively impact the world as great leaders and life-long learners.



  • Who is eligible for these services?

    Any student with American Indian ancestry who is either an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe; has a parent that is an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe; or has a grandparent that is an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe. At least one of the above must apply. 

    How much do services cost?

    Program services are free of charge to all American Indian students.

    How do I enroll my child in American Indian Education?

    To enroll in our program you must fill out a 506 Form and drop off at your child's school office. For more information, contact Justyne Vogel.

    Why should I fill out a 506 form for my children?

    Our American Indian Education program receives federal grant money based on the number of students enrolled in our program. The more 506 forms, the more money we receive for student programming. 

    What services are currently available for my children?

    The following services are free:

    • Native Pride Group in the High School and middle schools
    • Academic Advocacy - monitoring grades, attendance and academic support
    • Family Advocacy - information and referrals
    • Information For Post Secondary Planning - financial aid and scholarships
    • Parent Committee (AIPAC) - If you would like to be on the parent committee, please contact Justyne Vogel


  •  American Indian
    Education Coordinator
    Justyne Vogel
    Justyne Vogel