Project AED

  • Easy access to Automatic External Defibrillators (AEDs) saves lives of those people who have a sudden cardiac event. In the Spring of 2018, the district had end of life AED equipment that needed to be replaced. This is when the Shakopee Public Schools Project AED began its journey. 
    The 2018 AED mission was quickly embraced by the local community and received strong support from Shakopee Alumni, businesses, volunteer groups and community members. Shakopee Alumni classes challenged each other to donate money toward an AED and raised enough for eight AEDs within weeks. Fundraisers at a local establishment, along with Alicia Bravo, a survivor of sudden cardiac death, helped fund Project AED. 
    Since 2018, through the generous gifts from those mentioned above as well as direct district support, 54 AEDs have been installed; 42 AEDs have been donated by many community members, such as Allina Health and the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community, donating numerous AEDs. The district worked directly with Advanced First Aid, Inc. to place these HeartSine 360P fully automatic AEDs throughout the district. 
    The cost of an AED during the initial launch of Project AED was $1400 and included the AED, pads and battery, cabinet and a 3-year maintenance plan. 
    Donations for 40 AEDs covered the costs of such items. Going forward, the goal is to renew a 3-year maintenance plan on each device and replace each battery pak/ electrodes every 4 years. 
    There are continued fundraising efforts in order to help soften these costs and ensure every AED in the district is operational and ready, if needed. 
    Through combined district and community efforts, we are so grateful for the ability to offer these life-saving devices throughout the district. 

Volunteer Contact

  • If you're interested in helping support Project AED, please contact Janni Hennes, community volunteer, below.  Any donation amount will help support the Project and funds are deposited into a dedicated account within the district budget. 
    Volunteer Contact:
    Janni Hennes 

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