Pesticide Right to Know

  • Janet B. Johnson, Parents Right-To-Know Act, August 2003

    A Minnesota state law went into effect in the year 2000 that requires schools to inform school employees and parents if they apply pesticides on school property.

    Specifically, this law requires schools that apply these pesticides to maintain an estimated schedule of pesticide applications and to make the schedule available to employees and parents for review or copying at each school’s office.  Although not required by the law, schools may choose to include a copy of the estimated schedule of pesticide applications with this general notice.  The prospective dates for application are in early spring, mid-summer and late fall. 

    State law also requires that you be told that the long-term health effects on children form the application of such pesticides or the class of chemicals to which they belong may not be fully understood.

    Shakopee Schools is continuing to work closely with its health and safety resources to ensure compliance with integrated pest management.  If you have any questions or concerns, please address them to Ed Zeimet, Buildings and Grounds Manager, at 952.496.5046.