Student Progress & Monitoring

  • 2020-21 Assessment Calendar:  Our assessment calendar outlines testing windows and specific dates for district-wide or school-wide testing.  The calendar includes assessments that are required by law, and others that Shakopee Schools chooses to administer in an effort to best understand student needs.
    Assessment Framework:  This table provides a summary of testing done in the district broken down by grade-level.
    Achievement Gap:  Math  Reading  This information shows the percentage of proficient students on the MCA Reading and Math tests for school years 2016-17, 2017-18 and 2018-19.  Scores are broken down by student groups as reported by the Minnesota Department of Education.  Student group scores are subtracted from the corresponding group to calculate the gap.  
    (FRP-Free or Reduced price lunch, SpEd-Special Education, EL-English Learner) 
    Academic Standards:  Minnesota Academic Standards by subject