Strategies for Improving Achievement

    Instructional Coach and Lab Classroom Model  
    The instructional coaching model in Shakopee embraces what research has to say in regards to providing effective supports to teachers. This job-embedded form of professional development not only positively impacts teachers’ attitudes and practices, but also positively impacts student achievement. The primary goal of our instructional coaching model is to deepen student understanding by bringing both depth and consistency to a particular strategy within and across grade levels. 

    This year, we are beginning to implement lab classrooms in Shakopee. The purpose of the lab classroom is to create a core group of teacher leaders that can support and sustain professional development as it pertains to best practices in instruction within their respective buildings. Lab classrooms have committed to participating in action research within their classrooms, as well as consistently working with an instructional coach to deepen their understanding of best practices. Lab classrooms will serve as demonstration sites where teachers can observe the gradual release of strategy work in-action.

    Principal Continuous Improvement Model
    Shakopee Principals participate in an ongoing, continuous improvement evaluation process.  The documents outline the 5 core competencies that are addressed, and the annual timeline for working through the evaluation process. 
    Teacher Continuous Improvement Model
    All teachers participate in the Shakopee teacher evaluation and continuous improvement process.  The details are described in the following documents: 
    • Continuous Improvement Model:  Detailed explanation of the entire process to insure consistent implementation
    • Teacher Evaluation Rubric:  Teachers are evaluated across 4 domains based on the Charlotte Danielson model (Instructional Planning and Preparation, Classroom Environment, Instruction and Professionalism).
    • Individual Growth Plan:  Teachers set annual improvement goals that are aligned to the school improvement plan, the team goals, and the district strategic plan.  Each teacher meets with his or her principal to review goals.