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Summer School Information

  • Grades 9-12 Senior High Credit Make-Up - Shakopee High School


    All classes are at Shakopee High School, 100 17th Avenue West

    Summer school dates:
    6/14-6/17 (Tuesday - Friday)
    6/20-6/23 (Monday - Thursday)
    6/27-6/30 (Monday - Thursday)

    AM Session - 8:00-11:00 AM
    PM Session - 12:00-3:00 PM
    Students may register for one or both sessions.  Students who stay for both sessions will have a one hour open lunch.  During this time they may bring their own lunch and eat in the commons or leave the building.  The school will not be providing lunch to High School students during summer school.

    Class Cancellation and Class Size:
    Class will be cancelled if fewer than 15 students register.   Class size limit will be 20 students.

    Students will use Apex online curriculum to recover credits.  Students may recover multiple credits so long as they complete all course requirements within the 3 week summer school session.

    Credits are pass/fail. 

    Attendance policy:
    Students are required to attend class on time every day.   Students who miss a class or are late may be removed from their summer school class for the remainder of the session. 

    Behavior policy:
    Any student who has a behavior incident will be asked to leave for the remainder of summer school session.  Incidents include but are not limited to: fighting, insubordination, plagiarism, disrespectful or disorderly conduct, chemical use.

    Subject areas offered for summer credit:
    Science (Physical Science,Biology, Chemistry, Physics), English (9, 10, 11 and 12), Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, Algebra 3) Social Studies (9th, US History, World History, Economics, Elective)

    Registration procedure:
    Students in need of recovering credits will be notified via email and invited to attend summer school.  The email will be sent home to students and parents requesting confirmation by Friday May 13th.   To confirm registration follow the instructions in the invitation email to complete the online registration form.  Students will receive a letter confirming summer school registration along with information about their classes, teachers and bussing if applicable.  Students will also receive a Continual Learning Plan which will need to be signed, dated and returned the first day of summer school. 

    School Bus Service:
    School bus service is available for Summer school.  Only students outside the 2 mile radius from Shakopee High School qualify for bussing service.  Please complete the information if you need bussing for your child on the online registration form.  There will be one pickup route in the AM and two drop off routes, one after the AM session(11:00 AM) and one after the PM session (3:00 PM)  Specific information about your students bussing routes and times will be sent home in the confirmation letter prior to the start of Summer school.



    If you have questions about summer school, please contact your High School counselor or Jim Ungar the Summer school Dean. 

    Questions about Summer School registration?   Please contact Lisa Gruetzmacher Summer School Administrative Assistant at 952- 496- 5142 with any questions you may have in regards to Summer School registration.