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    AVID student profile 
    * In the academic middle 
    * Average test scores 
    * College potential with support
    * Good attendance
    * Demonstrates good citizenship in and out of the classroom 
    * Has the desire and individual determination to work hard and succeed
    * May be first generation in family to attend college
    * Historically underserved in four-year colleges and universities
    * Special circumstances 
    * Able to work well with others
    Being in AVID is voluntary. AVID students sign the AVID Student Agreement indicating their commitment to the program and to their success. The initial commitment is one year. Students are highly encouraged to continue in AVID as they progress through junior high school and throughout high school. According to studies conducted by AVID, students experience the best results after being in the class for at least three years. AVID students usually choose to stay in AVID until they graduate from high school.
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    Applying for AVID 
    Families of students who are being offered an opportunity to be in the AVID class receive a letter inviting them to attend the AVID Family Information Night, which is usually held in November, so they can learn more about AVID. A student information session is also held during the school day for students who received the invitation letter. Students can also be nominated by a teacher or counselor. Attending the AVID Family Information Night or a teacher/counselor nomination does not guarantee selection. All students who would like to apply to be in AVID must complete and submit the AVID student application and be interviewed by AVID staff to be considered for possible selection. Applications are made available and accepted in early December. Interviews are held during the school day in January. Students who are selected to be in AVID are informed in time for class registrations for the following school year. 
    The application process for the 2020-2021 school year has been completed. Students who would like to apply to be in AVID can do so in fall 2020 to be considered for the 2021-2022 school year. The student selection process usually starts in November.