What is the purpose of the AVID binder? 
    Organization is an important skill in school, career and other aspects of daily life. The AVID binder is an organizational tool to help students maintain notes and school work in one place. Students are expected to maintain a binder, which has been provided to them along with all of the necessary items needed. They are expected to keep it organized using the AVID methods they have been taught.

    Students will be evaluated on organization and whether they have all of their materials for every class in their binder. The binder will be evaluated weekly and taken as an assessment grade. 

    Students should spend no more than 30 minutes each day organizing and completing their notes. It should be a red flag to parents if their student spends two or more hours the night before a binder check trying to put it together.
    What should be in the AVID Binder? 
    Binders must be good quality 2-inch, 2 1/2-inch or 3-inch three-ring binder with pocket inserts.
    Needed binder contents
    * Five to six colored tab subject dividers to separate each academic class, including AVID
    * Zipper pouch to store supplies (three-hole punched heavy duty zip-lock bags also work)
    * Two or more pens
    * Two or more pencils
    * Filler paper 
    * Assignment calendar for each academic class/or school agenda book)
    * Tutorial logs
    * Learning logs 
    Suggested binder contents
    * One or two trapper pouches (for paper with no holes punched in it)
    * One or more colored highlighter pens
    * Notebook dictionary and/or thesaurus
    * Calculator
    * Six-inch ruler
    * Tips on note-taking and test-taking skills, tutorial guidelines or other AVID strategy sheets
     Order of sections  
    Binders should be organized in the following manner
    * Binder front cover
    * Plastic supply holder
    * Binder grade sheet
    Each subsequent section in the binder should have these parts in this order:
    * Divider
    * Calendar/assignment log
    * Notes
    * Tutorial/learning logs
    * Handouts
    * Tests
    * Blank paper  
    Students' testimonials
    "I've never been so organized it my life!"
    "I won't have to go to my locker anymore. I have everything I need right here!" 
    AVID tutors conducting weekly binder checks.
    Binder check