Team Building, Speakers & College Visits

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    We are Team AVID 
    One of the 11 essentials on which AVID focuses is collaboration, teaching students how to lead a group and work effectively with others. Collaborative and team building activities are usually held on Fridays. These activities are not only creative and fun but also practice some of the important writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading (WICOR) skills students are learning through AVID. The lessons students learn through these activities are valuable because college students often work together in small groups in classes or study groups. Many career fields also require individuals to work in teams to solve a problem, create and innovate. AVID students are provided many opportunities to develop and hone their leadership and collaborative skills.
    Guest speakers representing a variety of career fields visit our AVID classes and talk to our students about their career, how they prepared for it during their school years, additional training they received and what they do to continually excel in their chosen career. Guest speakers will also share words of encouragement and inspiration and advice on how students can achieve their academic and career goals. AVID students also will visit colleges and universities to learn about academic requirements, campus life, classes and majors offered, scholarships and how they can achieve college success.  
     Dr. Verna GLOmies