• District

    Cristina Oxtra - AVID District Director

    Dee Buros - American Indian Education Coordinator

    Bethany Pearson - Excellence in Equity Specialist

    Shakopee High School

    Jeff Pawlicki - Principal

    Stuart Lang - Freshman Academy Principal

    Lisa Dolan - 9th and 12th grade AVID Elective Teacher/Site Coordinator/English

    Gust Abdalla - 10th grade AVID Elective Teacher/English

    Wade Laughlin - 11th grade AVID Elective Teacher/English

    Tracy Caruso - Counselor
    Beth Cordes - Counselor 
    Nicole Drangstveit - Counselor 
    Erica Lang - Counselor
    Kelsey LaRue - Counselor
    Victoria Haas - Counselor 
    Brian Blascziek - Science 
    Jackson DeJong - Science 
    Cassidy Javner - Science 
    Victoria Honetschlager - Science 
    Kelli Nelson - English /Freshman Academy
    Ashley Walker - Physical Education/Freshman Academy
    Holly Loiselle - English 

    Naomi Williams - English 

    Carol Ann Hook - English 

    Sarah Olson - English 

    Christine Hanson - Math 

    Chelsea Schultz - Math 

    Anna Bonderson - Math 

    Courtney Menden - Math

    Lee Engstrom - Social Studies 

    Erin Hunt - Social Studies 

    Jon Miller - Social Studies 

    Jody Stone - Social Studies 

    Kjersti Vevle - Social Studies

    Jennifer Tabios - Social Studies 

    Josh Thom - Social Studies 

    Shawna Wilson - FACS

    Tania Drexler-Gutierrez - English Language Learning

    Shakopee East Middle School 
    Jim Miklausich - Principal
    Matt Headrick - Assistant Principal
    Chris Adams - 7th and 8th grade AVID Elective Teacher/Site Coordinator/Social Studies  
    Morgan Morinville - Counselor
    Paula Becraft - Social Studies
    Mike Zurn - Social Studies
    Dane Schad - Social Studies
    Dawn Adams - Science
    Heather Sedey - Science 
    Katelynn Dub - English
    Mary Palmer - English
    Jackie Yego - English  
    Matt Braa - Math
    Kellie Koenig - Math
    Emily Powell - Math
    Liesl Bell-Flemming - Spanish 
    Ann Browning-Zerby - English Language Learning 
    Jake Toufar - Engineering
    Shakopee West Middle School
    Lori Link - Principal
    Paul Netteshiem - Assistant Principal
    Alyssa Rutherford - 8th grade AVID Elective Teacher/Site Coordinator/Spanish
    Katie Jo Johnson-Ballinas - 7th grade AVID Elective Teacher/Spanish 
    Amy Gerster - Counselor 
    Erin Richter - Counselor  
    Amy Rosewall - English 
    Christine Ruby - Math
    Rebecca Weigel - Math
    Gwyne Chase - Instructional Coach
    Matt Erdman - Science 
    Amy Lisner - Social studies
    Amanda Marek - English/Spanish for Native Speakers
    Sarah Colin - FACS
    Mary Wilfahrt - Reading specialist

    AVID Tutors

    Kaylene Ruwart, Lena Abu-Saleh, Lily Lat, and Lori Nigbur


    Our Shakopee AVID team is part of the larger regional, national and worldwide AVID team that provides all AVID schools with information, training, support and guidance. AVID Midwest regional staff visit our secondary schools at least once a year to ensure AVID is being implemented, grown, and maintained successfully and with fidelity. 

    Regional visit