Administrative/Training Resources

  • NWEA/MAP Proctor and Reports site link 
    MAP Proctor Help - REMOTE TESTING - (start-end testing and troubleshooting) 2 pgs link
    MAP Proctor Help (session set-up, sign-in, pause, suspend, end testing, troubleshooting) 7pgs  link
    MAP Proctor Tutorials link
    Sign in and select "Video Tutorials" under Getting Started 
    1:  About MAP Growth > MAP Introduction (3 min.) - high level overview 
    2:  Testing for MAP Growth > Proctor Quick Start (~10 min.) - detailed demonstration
    3:  Learn More under Testing for MAP Growth with the following tutorials:
         Set Up Testing Session (~6 min.), Interrupt + Continue Testing (~4 min.), Make-up Testing (1.5 min.)
    Student Introduction to MAP Testing link 
    MAP Growth Practice Tests link  
    Select Grades K-2 or Grades 2+ to access the practice tests
    (Username-Grow, Password-Grow)
    NWEA/MAP new tools screencast 9-2018 link
    Detailed tutorials - Explore tools link  
    Reports Portfolio for Web-Based MAP Users link
    RIT Reference Chart for Mathematics link
    RIT Reference Chart for Reading link