Data & Assessment

  • Teachers, grade level, department teams, and curriculum teams use assessment results to map out strengths and areas of need for individual students, groups of students, and curricular programs.  
    Summary achievement information on all standardized tests is reported each fall as part of the World's Best Workforce plan state requirements. 
    The Shakopee Schools Assessment Plan is an integral part of continuous improvement planning in all district schools. Shakopee school district supports using multiple pieces of information when evaluating student achievement performance. Standardized tests are only a part of the total system of results used by teachers and administrators in planning and implementing educational programs for Shakopee students. Standardized assessments guide improvements to district curriculum and instruction at the district level as well as at the building and classroom levels.

Data & Assessment Staff

  • Learning, Teaching & Equity
    Learning, Teaching & Equity
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     Ford Rolfsrud  Katie Johnson
    Ford Rolfsrud
    Katie Johnson