• Staff Development Advisory Committee Members
     Name  Role  Grade Level
     Nancy Thul  Executive Director of Teaching & Learning  K-12
     Dave Orlowsky  Data & Testing Administrator  K-12
     Julie Fred  Special Services Director and Parent  K-12
     Bryan Drozd  Director of Instructional Technology & Evaluation  K-12
     Nika Summer  Teaching & Learning Supervisor  K-12
     Ray Betton  Equity Supervisor  K-12
     Erin Heilman  High Potential & Innovative Programs Coordinator  K-12
     Myrlene Schenck  English Learner Coordinator  K-12
     Jim Miklausich  Principal East Middle School  6-8
     Jeff Pawlicki  Principal High School and Parent  9-12
     Lori Link  Principal West Middle School  6-8
     Mitch Perrine  Principal Red Oak Elementary  K-5
     Josie Koivisto  Principal Eagle Creek Elementary and Parent  K-5
     Kristi Ward  Principal Central Family Center and Equity  E-12
     Patrick Leonard  Principal Sun Path Elementary  K-5
     Derek Bell  Principal Sweeney Elementary  K-5
     Kevin Bjerkin  Principal Jackson Elementary  K-5
     Annie Rients  Professional Development Coordinator and Parent  K-5
     Denise Bade   Instructional Coach  K-5
     Stephanie Blad  Instructional Coach and Parent   K-5
     Heather Balk  Instructional Coach  K-5
     Tony Johnson  Instructional Coach  K-5
     Monica Miller  Instructional Coach  K-5
     Gwynne Chase  Instructional Coach  6-8
     Mara Sonday  Instructional Coach  6-8
     Luke Meredith  Instructional Coach  9-12
     Kara Osmundson  Digital Learning Coach  9-12
     Doug Keddie  Digital Learning Coach and Parent  K-5
     Eric Hills  Digital Learning Coach  6-8
     Zach Eidlebes  Digital Learning Coach and Parent  K-12