• Education MN Visits

    Posted by Nathan Moldenhauer on 2/1/2019

    Representatives from the Education Minnesota F.I.R.E. program visit and present during a Shakopee SEED meeting


    Representatives from Education Minnesota's Facing Inequities and Racism in Education (FIRE) program joined us at our January SEED meeting to present their own equity stories as well as answer questions about facing inequities in the Shakopee school district. Over 30 members of the district participated in the meeting including members of administration from 3 buildings and Superintendent Redmond. 

    Some of the topics discussed were educational trauma, discipline practices, and upcoming events. 


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  • Stereotypes in Everyday Language

    Posted by Nathan Moldenhauer on 11/29/2018 6:00:00 AM

    SEED members meet on Tuesday, November 27th for a discussion on stereotypes in everyday language. The materials used were modified from Mary E. Kite's work in the psychology of stereotypes in language. 

    How can we recognize and combat stereotyping in language?

    Many SEED members were surprised when they saw the words written on paper. Immediately they recognized the origin of the stereotype and were able to identify the negative message carried. This led to the bigger question of how to recognize and combat stereotyping in everyday language. Answers discussed were that recognition in our own language use is far more important than pointing fingers at others as well as ensuring that when we recognize a stereotypical phrase being used, to ensure we aren't calling that person out publically but rather having a discussion behind closed doors. 

    Coming Up

    The plan for the next SEED meeting is for the original cohort members to meet in December for a followup meeting with Resolutions Northwest as well as to plan the agendas for the next few public meetings, which begin again on January 21st



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  • First SEED Meeting of The New School Year

    Posted by Jackie Schaaf on 10/31/2018

    The focus for SEED’s first meeting of the 2018-2019 school year was to welcome new members and introduce them to the grassroots work that SEED has been doing since it began in April. Members from the 2017-2018 school year introduced themselves and shared some takeaways from the first 6 months of SEED, as well as hopes for where SEED can go next.


    The main activity during the SEED meeting was participating in a restorative circle. Restorative circles are a teaching tool that can be used in different ways. Sometimes restorative circles are used to help replace punitive forms of punishment with students. However, restorative circles are also a great way to build community in a classroom. Restorative circles can be used to build relationships and address challenges that students and educators are facing.


    During a restorative circle, each person present gets a chance to speak without interruption and share their thoughts on questions posed to the whole group. Members of the circle are also able to pass on their turns if preferred. Restorative circles are meant to be a place where people can share their opinions or thoughts without judgment.


    During the meeting, members of the circle discussed Shakopee school district’s mission statement and values. Each person was asked to look at these statements with an equity lens. Each member of the circle responded to questions about where they see the district is currently excelling and where there are areas for improvement in terms of equitable practices. There was also discussion about what each person can do to improve equity in their own classroom, office, or building.


    Want to learn more about restorative circles?


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  • Eagle Creek SEED Leaders Host Equity Staff All-Call

    Posted by Jackie Schaaf on 10/31/2018
    Nationality Privilege Activity
    Teachers at Eagle Creek learned about types of privilege in a staff all call on October 23rd. They read statements from posters about various types of privilege (gender, religious, racial, etc.) and selected beads if a statement was true. Then they worked to create a privilege bracelet, necklace, or keychain and discussed the activity and how it can change the way people view themselves, one another, and their students.
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  • Portland Trip

    Posted by Nathan Moldenhauer on 10/29/2018

    SEED members at Resolutions Northwest

    In August, SEED members took a weekend trip to Portland, OR for equity training that included two sessions. The first session was our first trip to the aptly named "Danger Room" where we discussed the history of racism in America, the impact racism has on all of our lives, and how we can challenge those systems. 


    The second day of conferences was at the Sheraton hotel for the Teaching Tolerance, Facilitating Critical Conversations workshop. 

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