Health Services Department

  • The Health Services department promotes health and safety in support of student learning.  We work in partnership with students, families, teachers, administrators and other district services to support children to be their best as healthy students are better learners!  Each school in the district is staffed with a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) and overseen by a district Licensed School Nurse (LSN/RN). School nurses are present during the school day to:

    • Provide first aid

    • Provide prescribed health procedures

    • Coordinate and provide hearing and vision screening

    • Evaluate needs for special services

    • Monitor immunization compliance

    • Manage cases for students with chronic health conditions

    • Monitor communicable diseases

    • Maintain health records

    • Plan, participate in and respond to crisis team needs

    • Provide guidance for COVID-19 and other major health needs


    The school district, in accordance with state law, develops, maintains and monitors health records and statistics. Every effort is made to safeguard the privacy of all health data that is accumulated. Data that is required by law appears on the studentʼs health record. This information includes, but may not be limited to, immunizations and screening results.

    Parents/Guardians are responsible for providing updated health information at the beginning of the school year regarding health problems, medications and allergies. During the school year, please notify the school health office about infectious diseases, major illness, injuries or planned surgeries for your student. 

    In case of an injury or an emergency, the school notifies parents/guardians so the necessary arrangement can be made for the studentʼs health and safety. If the studentʼs parent/guardian or other designated emergency contacts cannot be reached and the situation appears to be urgent, 911 is called. 

Meet your School Health Services Staff

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  • Eagle Creek Elementary
  • East Middle School
  • High School
  • Jackson Elementary
  • Pearson Early Learning Center
  • Red Oak Elementary
  • Sun Path Elementary
  • Sweeney Elementary
  • Tokata Learning Center
  • West Middle School

District Health Services

  • Tracy Courneya, Health Services Supervisor

    Julie Fred, Director of Special Services

Phy Ed

  • Physical Education Participation

    Physical education is taught to students in grades K-5. Everyone must participate in this activity unless excused by a medical doctor. If a child has been ill and is recovering, the child cannot be excused for more than two days without a doctor's written excuse. It is recommended that students keep a pair of tennis shoes at school to be used during physical education. Support and accommodations are made within each class for students as needed.