Chronic Medical Conditions

  • For students with chronic health conditions  (asthma, allergies, epilepsy/seizures, diabetes), school nurses and other health care providers play a large role in the daily management of their conditions. School health services staff are responsible for coordinating care by communicating with the student’s family and health care providers so they can stay healthy and ready to learn.

    Parents and guardians are a critical part of creating a safe plan for students who have chronic health conditions.  Parents/guardians are responsible for providing the school with any orders or treatments that have been prescribed by the student’s health care provider before school begins each fall.  Student’s health information will be shared with appropriate school personnel, keeping confidentiality in mind.  Templates are available that provide school personnel with easy-to-follow action steps should an emergency arise while the student is in school.  Many health clinics and specialists use their own templates that are also acceptable for school use as long as it contains the prescriber’s signature. 

    Click here to access health related forms that include resources for chronic conditions.