Illness in School

When a Child Becomes Ill While At School

  • If your child becomes ill while at school and needs to go home, we will attempt to contact the parent or guardian first.  If a parent/guardian cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the emergency contact who is listed in the child’s school record.  Students are not allowed to leave school without first contacting a parent, guardian or emergency contact.

    In some instances, a single isolated episode of vomiting may not require a child to be sent home from school if the child has no other illness symptoms.  The nurse will assess the child to determine if illness is suspected and the student may be required to be sent home until further illness can be ruled out.

Contagious Illness at School

  • Shakopee Public Schools follows the infectious disease guidelines as outlined in the Hennepin County infectious diseases in childcare settings and school manuals.

    Fact sheets provide prevention and control information on common infectious diseases seen in a school setting, such as chickenpox, COVID-19, impetigo, pink eye, head lice and strep throat. All standards follow recommendations by the American Public Health Association and American Academy of Pediatrics.