Device Roll-outs (Distribution) and Roll-ins (Return)

  • Device Roll-in General Notes - June 2022

    Return Receipt

    We process each device return and generate an emailed receipt; so long as we have an e-mail address on file for the primary student household.  This is done both to update our inventory and to have a paperless process for confirming return of a device.  Receipts are also sent to the student email account.

    Summer School

    All devices will be collected at end of school year regardless of summer school enrollment.  Participants in summer school programming will be provided with their assigned or equivalent device during those sessions.


    High School Device Roll-Ins

    Super important end of year information for students -


    Location: High School Main Entrance

    MacBook Roll-in  - 12th Grade Required, 9th-11th grade optional 

     June 6th – Monday -1:00pm-3:00pm

    June 7th – Tuesday –11:00am – 4:00pm 

    June 8th – Wednesday –  7:30am - 3:00am  

    June 9th – Thursday  12:00pm -4:00pm

    June 10th – Friday 7:00am -1:00pm

    June 13th - Monday 1:00-6:00pm

     * PSEO and Early graduates can turn in their devices on Friday May 20th during cap and gown pick up 11:00am -1:15pm

    Important High School Dates

    May  20th - Friday - Seniors pick up cap and gown during lunch (11:00am-1:15pm)

    June 7th - Tuesday - 12th grade last day of school

    June 8th - Wednesday 9:00 am - Commencement practice - Breakfast at 8:00, gather in main auditorium – leave for Grace Church at 9:30.  Return to HS at  1:00pm

    June 9th - Thursday - 9th - 11th grade last day of school 

    June 11th - Saturday - 12th grade commencement at Grace Lutheran Church 

    June 13th - Monday - Pick up diplomas 


    Other Dates

    May 13 - Most PSEO students will done with classes at Normandale 

    June 13 - Diplomas will be ready for pick up at the HS front office 

    June 17 - End of extended time home work turn in

    June 20 - 10-12th Grade credit recovery at HS


    • 12th grade MacBooks must be returned.  Counselors will make technology aware of any exceptions due to summer completion of classwork.
      • Seniors that require extra time to complete coursework or are registered for summer school will need approval from a counselor to keep their MacBook.
    • 9th-11th grade students can keep their devices but have the option to turn them in during regular roll-in times and tech will store their device until next school year.
    • Any student unsure about their enrollment for next year should turn in their device. 


    East and West Middle School Device Roll-Ins

    Date: Wednesday, June 8th

    East: During normally scheduled 6th hour classes (12:50-1:25).

    West: Modified schedule and will collect in advisory groups between 1:10-2:25



    Online 1-8

    • Elementary: Device and material return currently scheduled for Thursday, June 9, at District Office 1:00-3:00
    • Middle School: Device and material return currently scheduled for Friday, June 10, at East Middle School - Main Office from 6:30am to 3:30pm 
    • After those dates, materials and devices can be dropped off at District Office during regular business hours.


    K-5 Device Roll-ins

    Devices should already be on-site; no specific roll-in events scheduled.



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