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Digital Equity Survey

  • For the 2021-2022 school year, the state is requiring households to complete the Digital Equity Survey for each student.

    This survey collects information on student access to the Internet and electronic devices used for schoolwork in the student’s home. Shakopee School District may use this information to identify students that could benefit from additional supports to make sure they can access learning opportunities outside the classroom or school building. It is important that we gather accurate information from every student so that each student and family has the equipment, help and support needed.

    The survey will be available soon in several formats.  New enrollees will be able to complete it as part of the On-line Registration process.  It will also be sent out to families of currenrtly enrolled students via Infinite Camopus parent portal.  We will additionally follow up with paper copies sent home for any students for whom we do not have a response.

    The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) currently sets a deadline of Octiober 1 for submission of this data.


    You'll find paper copies of the survey in the digital equity section of the MDE Ed-Fi data collection page. We are also posting the English and other available languages below for reference.