Digital Citizenship & Internet Safety

Social Media & Digital Choices Speaker Series II

  • Students today rely increasingly on technology that is incorporated into the learning process. While this can be very rewarding, technology is like any other tool – used improperly, it can be ineffective or even harmful.  To ensure that our students are aware of that possibility and to encourage proper, effective use of technology, we have adopted digital citizenship curriculum resources produced by Common Sense Media, as well as locally produced lessons. 

    In addition, we encourage behavior that is consistent with our offline, in-person expectations, such as being responsible, respectful, and kind.  

    Our Media Specialists have put together some parent-focused resources for social media that you may also find helpful.

    The sections below cover aspects of how we filter content, manage devices, and set expectations for ethical and proper use.  We include tips for how parents can be more directly involved with device management and monitoring.

Student Voice

Family Resources

  • Internet Content Filtering

  • Device Management Tools

  • Guidance for Learning at Home

  • Translated versions of Guidance for Learning at Home

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