• Digital Citizenship/Internet Safety Overview

    Students today rely increasingly on technology that is incorporated into the learning process. While this can be very rewarding, technology is like any other tool – used improperly, it can be ineffective or even harmful.  To ensure that our students are aware of that possibility and to encourage proper, effective use of technology, we have adopted a digital citizenship curriculum produced by Common Sense Media.

    The lessons from this curriculum are taught several times throughout each school year In K-1 and 6th-9th grade, with more grades slated to be added next year.  Instruction is delivered primarily by school media specialists in elementary and classroom teachers in secondary, reinforcing the important concepts throughout the year.  Overall, the digital citizenship lessons often echo behavioral expectations that should be familiar to all of our students, such as being respectful and responsible.

    An overview of the lessons can be found on the Common Sense Media site here: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/educators/scope-and-sequence 

    Parents are encouraged to check in with their child’s teacher(s) if there are any questions about the curriculum.  Additional helpful links and a selection of books available in the libraries throughout the district are noted below.

    Copyright/Fair Use

    A great resource for how copyright law applies to various siutations can be found here.