Software & District Websites

  • The dashboard linked below provides a summary of free and subscription software and apps that are used in the district.  We want you to be informed about these educational tools and assured that we are aware of the need to protect student privacy and maintain an awareness of how student data is being used.

    With so many different sites and software being used, it would be very complicated to track parent permission for each of these.  They all serve an educational purpose and we make every effort to use each resource in a thoughtful and productive manner.  We also reference this list in our student technology handbook and update it annually.  If you ever have a concern about a site or would like your child to not use one or more of these resources, please inform your child's teacher and office.  At the same time, please be aware that we take student privacy seriously and work to teach responsible use of all of our digital resources.

    State Law HF 2353 requires that we include information about the contract inspection and provide contact information for a school department to which a parent or student may direct questions or concerns regarding any program or activity that allows a curriculum, testing, or assessment technology provider to access a student's educational data.  We have tried to include relevant data in the data dashboard linked below, but if there are additional questions they can be routed to our help desk at

    Software Data Dashboard


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