2022 Immunization Requests

  • Starting the week of October, 10, 2022, select students will receive an email from the health services team if a student's immunizations are not up to date. 

    Parents/guardians should contact their child’s health care provider or the school health office to determine what immunizations are needed to become current; contact information is listed below.

    When a child’s immunization status is up to date, ask the healthcare provider to fax complete immunization records to the school health office by October 30, 2022. State law requires that all students have complete immunizations and records of immunizations on file at their school.

    Legal exemptions are permitted by Minnesota law for medical reasons or on the conscientious beliefs of the parent or guardian.  Exemptions must be signed by a parent/guardian and a physician for a medical exemption or a parent/guardian and a notary for a conscientious exemption by October 30, 2022.  The MDH Pupil Immunization form can be used for medical exemption or conscientious objection and is also found on this page of our website.  
    If a student needs assistance in obtaining the necessary immunizations because their health insurance does not pay for immunizations or for students who do not have insurance, please contact Scott County Public Health at 952.496.8555.  


School Health Services Contacts