Tokata Learning Center Student Handbook

  • The TLC mission is to facilitate  high quality learning within  a school community where…

    Stories matter, vulnerability is invited, barriers are challenged, strengths are discovered and students are celebrated.

    TLC recognizes that the journey to a high school diploma for many students is not a straight path.  With the support of a well-trained staff, in a small, welcoming learning environment rich with self-directed learning options, TLC programming is designed to empower students to become independent, respectful and responsible learners on their journey towards graduation. 

    This page includes universal academic and student life procedures as well as student handbook resource links. Please refer to the  General District Information section for additional handbook elements.


  • Academic Progress Expectations

  • Attendance

  • Attendance

  • Behavior & Attendance Contracts

  • Conference Dates

  • Credit Requirements for Diploma

  • Curriculum

  • Grade Level & Credits

Student Life

  • Activities

  • Lockers, Devices & Personal Items

  • Respecting our Neighbors

  • TLC Student Survey