Levy 2021 FAQ

Did You Know
  • Below is a list of frequently asked questions and answers related to the 2021 Operating Levy. Additional information will be added on a weekly basis. Please click on a question to expand the selection and view the response.

  • Why is the district in its current financial situation?

  • How are operating funds used?

  • What were the recent budget cut amounts and what amount/percentage of past budget cuts were on administrative positions vs. teachers?

  • Aren’t there other ways to generate revenue, such as land sales, use of COVID-19 relief funds and/or use of deferred maintenance funds?

  • Explain the difference between a Bond and an Operating Levy?

  • What were the results of the May 2021 phone survey conducted by a third-party?

  • What would question #1 funds go towards?

  • What would question #2 funds go towards?

  • Do both questions need to pass?

  • How long is a levy good for?

  • Where can I calculate my tax impact?

  • What did the district previously ask for on the November 2020 ballot?

  • How long have the current School Board, Superintendent and Director of Finance been with the district?

  • Why not move the district office services to the Central Building and save money?

  • What is the admin to student ratio at the high school?