Optional At-Home COVID Tests

  • No Cost, Optional, At-Home Staff/Student COVID Test Kits

    BinaxNOW at-home test kits are now available to all district families (PreK-12) who wish to have a kit on hand to test their child when COVID-like symptoms are present. The test kits are provided at no cost to the district and at no cost to families/students by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) via the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).  

    The test kits will be available only for families who wish to receive a kit. The kits will be available in each child’s school health office and main office. A family with students in multiple schools can pick up a test kit for each of their children at one location of their choice. Test kits cannot be mailed to a student’s home. Availability is limited to supply on hand.

    The BinaxNOW test kit is only recommended for children that present COVID-like symptoms. If you are testing your child as a precaution or due to exposure, you should seek PCR molecular testing for the child.

  • If you decide to have your symptomatic child use the BinaxNOW test kit, please note that the kit includes two tests.  Additional details are below:

    • The two BinaxNOW tests should be taken within three days of one another, the second test being taken at least 36 hours after the first test.
    • There is a mobile app associated with the test kit - see package for instructions. 
    • Additional information from the MDE about the BinaxNOW test kits can be found here: BinaxNOW OTC At-Home Testing Information (state.mn.us).
    • Any support needed or questions about using the test kits should be directed to Abbott Labs at 1-877-441-7440. The district is not associated with test collection, processing or results reporting.