Optional At-Home Student COVID Test Kits

  • No Cost, Optional, At-Home Student COVID Test Kits

    BinaxNOW at-home test kits are now available to all district families (PreK-12) who wish to have a kit on hand to test their child when COVID-like symptoms are present. The test kits are provided at no cost to the district and at no cost to families/students by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) via the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).  

    The test kits will be available only for families who wish to receive a kit. The kits will be available in each child’s school health office and main office; they may also be available at school wide events such as conferences. A family with students in multiple schools can pick up a test kit for each of their children at one location of their choice. At this time, test kits are available, onsite, at Pearson Early Learning Center, Tokata Learning Center and all elementary schools: Eagle Creek, Jackson, Red Oak, Sun Path and Sweeney; the district is waiting on deliveries for East and West Middle Schools and Shakopee High School and will make them available once received. Test kits cannot be mailed to a student’s home.

    The BinaxNOW test kit is only recommended for children that present COVID-like symptoms. If you are testing your child as precaution or due to exposure, you should seek PCR molecular testing for the child.

    In accordance with the district’s health and safety protocols, please adhere to the following if your child presents COVID-like symptoms:

    • Keep your child home from school, contact the child’s school attendance line and refer to the updated Health and Safety guide for additional information.
    • If you decide to have your symptomatic child use the BinaxNOW test kit, please note that the kit includes two tests.  Additional details are below:
      • The two BinaxNOW tests should be taken within three days of one another, the second test being taken at least 36 hours after the first test.
      • If your child tests negative both times, then the child should return to school when the symptoms are improved, is fever free for 24 hours and documentation of both tests has been provided to your child’s building nurse.
      • If your child tests positive (on either of the two BinaxNOW tests), the child must stay home from school and you should contact the child’s school attendance line. Additional guidelines for returning to school are found here. 
      • There is a mobile app associated with the test kit - see package for instructions. 
    • Additional information from the MDE about the BinaxNOW test kits can be found here: BinaxNOW OTC At-Home Testing Information (state.mn.us)

    Any support needed or questions about using the test kits should be directed to Abbott Labs at 1-877-441-7440. The district is not associated with test collection, processing or results reporting.