Elementary HP Programs


    Shakopee Schools High Potential (HP) Services programming for Grades 2-5 involves classes and activities at five buildings throughout the district:
    • Eagle Creek Elementary
    • Jackson Elementary
    • Red Oak Elementary
    • Sun Path Elementary
    • Sweeney Elementary

    The schedule of HP services for students in elementary grades allows for increased time as students move up in grade levels. This model places more time at the intermediate level in order to better prepare students for the academic challenges of the secondary accelerated and honors curriculum.



    These classes and activities are available to students who demonstrate the required skills, knowledge, and capability and have been selected according to the Student Identification Matrix.
    Kindergarten - Grade 1: 
    • HP Faculty provide resources to K and 1 teachers.
    Grades 2 & 3: ENRICH 
    • Enrichment groups in Reading and Math taught by building HP faculty
    • Beginning in December 2014, we have added the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) for 2nd Graders. Additional students may be identified mid-year as a result.
    Grades 4 & 5: LIFT (Learning Intensive Fast Track)
    • Daily pull-out reading and writing extensions facilitated by building HP faculty which seek to provide appropriate challenge to each child
    • Daily pull-out math instruction which accelerates the traditional curriculum by an additional half of a year each year
      • HP Math 4 covers all of 4th grade and the first half of 5th grade math
      • HP Math 5 covers the remaining half of 5th grade math and all of 6th grade math
    Grade Level Program Title Program Description Frequency & Length
    K +1   No formal programming at these grades  
    2+3 Enrichment Pull-out groups based on students' demonstrated strengths in reading (Quarters 1+3) and mathematics (Quarters 2+4) Minimum of 60  minutes per week
    4+5 LIFT Pull-out group for reading and writing extension taught by HP faculty during students' targeted instruction time (after students have received their core reading and writing instruction with their regular classroom teacher).
    Pull-out group for accelerated math instruction during class math time taught by HP faculty.
    Daily for 60 minutes each