Secondary HP Programs - Grades 9-12

    Shakopee Schools High Potential (HP) Services programming for Grades 9-12 involves classes and activities at our High School
    • Shakopee High School | Grades 9-12 

    A variety of advanced courses are available to students who demonstrate the required skills, knowledge, and capability.

    • "Accelerated" & "Twice Accelerated" Defined
      • Curriculum at least one/two grade level(s) above student's current grade level OR college-level courses taught in the high school (e.g. AP or CIS courses)
      • Expanded curriculum featuring greater depth & complexity
      • Accelerated pace – course covers higher-level content more quickly
      • A high level of individual motivation & passion for the subject matter
      • Excellent math, science, and/or social studies skills
    9th Grade
    • English Accelerated English 9
    • Mathematics 
      • Accelerated Math | Accelerated Algebra 2 (covers Algebra 2 + 3 in one course)
      • Twice Accelerated Math | Pre-Calculus
    • Science
      • AP Physics 1
    • Social Studies | Advanced Placement (AP) Human Geography
    • Industrial Technology | Introduction to Engineering Design (college credit possible) 
    10th Grade
    • English | Accelerated English 10
    • Mathematics
      • Accelerated Math | Pre-Calculus
      • Twice Accelerated Math | CIS CSE Calculus
    • Science
      • AP Chemistry
    • Social Studies | AP US History

    11th & 12th Grade level: A broad selection of advanced courses that can earn college credit are offered: 


    College Board logo
    Nationally/internationally-recognized college-level courses/exams standardized by the College Board which allow students to earn college credit and placement based on end-of-course AP Exam scores (Scores of 3, 4, or 5 needed for credit)

    The AP Courses are offered at Shakopee High School.  All courses are year-long.
    • AP Biology 
    • AP Calculus BC 
    • AP Human Geography 
    • AP Language and Composition 
    • AP Environmental Science
    • AP Physics 1 (algebra based)
    • AP Physics C (calculus based)
    • AP Computer Science Principles
    • AP Statistics
    • AP Studio Art
    • AP US History
    • AP World History
    While not officially an AP course:
    • students in CIS Calculus may choose to take the AP Calculus AB exam
    Website | CIS is a University of Minnesota program that brings college courses into the high school and is accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment PartnershipsCIS logo
    • ENGLISH (all earn 4 UM semester credits)
      • CIS Introduction to Literature (ENGL 1001w)
      • CIS University Writing (WRIT 1301)
      • CIS Introduction to Public Speaking (COMM 1101)
    • MATHEMATICS (all earn 4 UM semester credits)
      • CIS CSE Calculus I (MATH 1371)
    • SCIENCE (all earn 4 UM credits)
      • CIS Essentials of Human Anatomy/Physiology (PSTL 1135)
      • CIS Introduction to College Physics I (PHYS 1101W)
    • SOCIAL STUDIES (all earn 4 UM semester credits)
      • CIS American Democracy in a Changing World (Pol 1001)
      • CIS Introduction To Psychology (PSY 1001)
      • CIS Principles of Microeconomics (APEC 1101)
    • SPANISH (all earn 5 UM semester credits)
      • Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 1003) – Year-long Course
      • Intermediate Spanish (SPAN 1004) – Year-long Course

    Rigorous and innovative Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) courses which feature hands-on, project-based engineering and biomedical sciences
    • PLTW Introduction to Engineering Design (IED) A & B
    • PLTW Principles of Engineering (POE) A & B
    • PLTW Aerospace Engineering A & B
    • PLTW Digital Electronics A & B
    • PLTW Medical Interventions A & B
    • PLTW Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) A & B
    • PLTW Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) A & B
    • PLTW Engineering Design and Development (EDD) A & B
    • PLTW Civil Engineering and Architecture (CEA) A & B
    Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) program which allows high school sophomores, juniors and seniors to earn college credit while in high school.  Through this program, students register for and take courses at local colleges and universities such as Normandale College or the University of Minnesota.  While tuition and books are covered by MDE, students are responsible for all transportation to and from the participating college/university while simulaneously managing high school graduation requirements.     
    Other CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT courses offered at Shakopee High School
      • Interior Design I – Dakota Technical College
      • Sociology of the Family
      • Health Care Core (HCC 1000-1070) - Normandale College
      • Nursing Assistant (NURS 1075) – Normandale College
      • Web Design 1 
      • Web Design 2
    Other CONCURRENT ENROLLMENT courses offered at Southwest Metro Educational Cooperative (SWMEC)
     Students have an opportunity to take Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses at the SWMEC center for a portion of the school day.  Bus transportation is provided from Shakopee High School to the SWMEC center and back each day. Students can choose from several 4-semester programs of study that can lead to CTE credits upon successful completion.  
    • Agriculutural Science/FFA program
    • Automotive Services Program
    • Construction Technology Program
    • Computer Sciences Program
    • Cosmetology Program
    • Graphic Design Program
    • Medical Careers Program
    • Photography Program
    • Criminal Justice